Stealth Announces New Results in Cryptography at PKC ’20

As part of the PULSAR project, team member Sanjam Garg (Berkeley) and collaborators presented their work “Master-Key KDM-Secure IBE from Pairings” on advances Identity Based Encryption at IACR’s Public Key Conference 2020. This work is producing Identity-based encryption (a public-key scheme where the public key can be a user’s identity) that achieve key-dependent-message security with respect to messages that depend on a master secret key. A link to the corresponding publication (in the conference proceedings) can be found here.

As part of the PANTHEON project, Nicholas Genise (Rutgers), Daniele Micciancio (UCSD), Chris Peikert (UMichigan), and Michael Walter (IST Austria), presented their work on “Improved Discrete Gaussian and Subgaussian Analysis for Lattice Cryptography”, which can be found here.