Tools for the Digital Age

Cryptography as an enabling technology

Historically, cryptography has been used as a tool to keep information safe from unauthorized access.  In recent decades however, cryptography has pursued tools that allows for sensitive data to be used in meaningful ways, unlocking the potential of the enormous amounts of data being collected in today’s digital world.  The tools we develop at Stealth can be viewed in this light as resolving the inherent tension of sensitive information: simultaneously protecting the data from unauthorized access, while not inhibiting permitted usage.

For example, secure computation on the battlefield edge is possible using our secure computation engine, which allows for meaningful analysis of encrypted data.  Or for supply-chain management, our secure blockchain technology allows for authenticated and auditable resource tracking, even while maintaining the privacy of each organization’s sensitive/proprietary information.

Customizable Solutions

Supporting a Wide-Range of PETs

With nearly two decades of experience developing software prototypes that were designed in response to one of the more than 20 government programs for which we have received funding, Stealth has an extensive collection of privacy-enhancing tools to meet a variety of security and privacy requirements.  For example, our software toolsuite enables our customers to:

  • Search over encrypted records without ever decrypting data — including data stored remotely (e.g. in the Cloud);
  • Perform statistics and other computations on data held by multiple organizations, without exposing anyone’s data to the others;
  • Training machine learning models on sensitive data, without revealing the underlying data used for training and/or the resulting trained model;
  • Providing tamper-proof data storage that allows for authentication and auditability (in zero-knowledge);
  • Real-time security for mobile, IoT, and embedded devices;

Furthermore, our solutions remove a major source of vulnerability that is found in other solutions commonly employed in practice, by adhering to the principle that encrypted data is never decrypted, and decryption keys are never shared externally.

Technology Highlight:

Extensive Support for PETs in Defense

While the tools we build can be applied to a number of areas (e.g. healthcare, fintech, messaging, adtech), they were often developed in support of a specific program sponsored by the Department of Defense.  We utilize cryptography to satisfy two overarching goals: (1) privacy, security and confidentiality of warfighter data and analytics, and (2) the resilience of computational and network resources.  Our projects have ranged from predicting satellite collisions to enabling sailor well-being, all while protecting the private information of those involved.  We have presented our technologies in forums such as RIMPAC, DARPA Demo Day at the Pentagon, DARPA “Wait, What”, to name a few.


Contracts & Grants

Stealth has been successful in winning competitive bids for research and development on various Privacy-Enhancing Technologies from several U.S. Federal Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations. Through these projects, we have advanced the research space of PETs as well as developing state-of-the-art prototypes that demonstrate the fastest and most secure instantiations of these PETs.

We have served as the prime performer on federal contracts from numerous U.S. Government agencies, including: DARPA, IARPA, ONR, NSF, NIST, and SCO. We have also received funding from non-government organizations such as Arnold Ventures and Algorand, and we have collaborated with dozens of universities and non-profit organizations in researching, designing, developing, and testing our privacy-enhancing technologies.  More information can be found on our Projects page.