Secure Computation

Analytics, AI/ML, Optimization on Encrypted Data

  • (DARPA Brandeis) PULSAR: Develop privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) for Enterprise, IoT, and Mobile applications.
  • (NIST) ANISE: Explore multi-agency privacy-preserving data analytics.
  • (IARPA HECTOR) PANTHEON: Make secure computation easily usable by non-experts in cryptography.
  • (DARPA Brandeis Seedling) PULSAR – VLDS: Apply our Brandeis solution (PULSAR) in order to jointly compute statistics on large streaming private student data & private income data with the State of Virginia’s VLDS system.
  • (Arnold Ventures) SAFRN: To support the development of free open-source cryptographic tools that will allow researchers to securely conduct studies that use sensitive or private datasets.
  • (DARPA CFT) SETSAT/SPACE: Develop tools to perform satellite conjunction analysis (i.e. identify potential collision probabilities based on satellite trajectories) on (private) nation data.
  • (DARPA Brandeis) PULSAR – Coffeebreak: Mobile application to find a meeting point (e.g. coffee shop) central to two or more participants, without revealing any user’s current location.
  • (DARPA Brandeis) PULSAR – Scheduling: Private Scheduling (e.g. Doodle poll, with privacy).
  • (DARPA Brandeis) PULSAR – Targeting: Tools allowing a group of allied nations or organizations to optimally allocate resources to regions in need of aid.
  • (DARPA SIEVE) WIZKIT – Catalyst: Applying zero-knowledge (ZK) and multi-party computation (MPC) technology to improve health outcomes at the VA.

Secure Communication

Anonymous Communication,
Signal/Message Hiding,
Robust Communication

  • (DARPA RACE) CARMA: Build an end-to-end anonymous, secure, untraceable messaging system that cannot be easily shut down or detected that can be deployed in a nation to help free citizens.
  • (DARPA MATH) MARATHON: Develop a mobile/meshnet/ad-hoc network that enables communications and bulletin boards in tactical or hostile environments/behind enemy lines.
  • (DARPA Brandeis Seedling) MASQUERADE: Develop keyed (hardware) glasses that can visually decode digital screens (mobile, desktop, laptop), such that eavesdroppers see only noise.
  • (Stealth) ETERNAL: Software audio encryption and encoder that can be installed on commodity off-the-shelf hardware that sits between your headset and a phone/communication device. This enables secure communication over untrusted or compromised phones.

Secure Database

Searchable Encryption,
Oblivious (CRUD) Access, Query Privacy

  • (IARPA APP/SPAR/ENTACT/SPARSE) SDB: An encrypted database that enables searching (structured) records and enforcement of private policies.
  • (DARPA SMP) DEBLOOM: Search on encrypted (structured) “off-chain” data, keeping the query and result set private from the database server.
  • (DARPA Brandeis) PULSAR – Secure Database: Build a secure and private repository system for data owners and data analysts that respects policies.
  • (ONR) DURASIFT: An encrypted survivable document store that enables private redaction and resists tampering.
  • (NSF) SIFT: Distributed private dataset keyword search on encrypted records, supporting streaming data where data is continuously updated.

Secure Blockchain

Privacy-Enhanced Blockchain,
Zero-Knowledge Auditing,
Supply-Chain Monitoring

Zero Knowledge (ZK)

Zero Knowledge Proofs,
Applications of ZK

  • (DARPA SIEVE) WIZKIT: Build a usable zero-knowledge (ZK) frontend and backend, to prove complex software assertions without revealing any private information.
  • (DARPA SMP) DEBLOOM: Zero-Knowledge auditing (of encrypted records); Consistency checking of private (encrypted) records versus their public counterparts (in zero knowledge).

Other Projects

Private Contact Tracing,
Boosting Legacy Code