Stealth Announces Four New Results in Secure Computation at CRYPTO ’18

We are happy to announce four new publications at the CRYPTO 2018 conference.

As part of the PULSAR project, team member Jonathan Katz (UMD), together with collaborators Samuel Ranellucci (UMD), Mike Rosulek (Oregon State), and Xiao Wang (UMD), presented their work on “Optimizing Authenticated Garbling for Faster Secure Two-Party Computation”, which can be found here.   Sanjam Garg (Berkeley), Rafail Ostrovsky (UCLA), and Akshayaram Srinivasan (Berkeley), presented their work on “Adaptive Garbled RAM from Laconic Oblivious Transfer”, which can be found here. Prof. Garg, along with his other collaborators also presented “Limits on the Power of Garbling Techniques for Public-Key Encryption” and “On the Round Complexity of OT Extension” at the conference.