Stealth Announces Three New Results on Cryptographic Primitives at TCC ’18

We are proud to announce three new publications at the 2018 Theory of Cryptography Conference.

As part of the PULSAR project, Stealth team member Sanjam Garg (Berkeley) and collaborators presented their work “Registration-Based Encryption: Removing Private-Key Generator from IBE”, which can be found here. Stealth Co-Founder Rafail Ostrovsky (UCLA) and Wutichai Chongchitmate (Chulalongkorn) presented their findings on advances in byzantine broadcast “Information-Theoretic Broadcast with Dishonest Majority for Long Messages”. This work is on broadcast extension, a technique allowing a long message to be broadcast more effectively as a small number of single-bit broadcasts and can be found here.  Dr. Ostrovsky and other collaborators also presented their work “Round Optimal Black-Box “Commit-and-Prove””, which can be found here.