Stealth announces new results on ZK at CCS ’21

We announce several publications on ZK at CCS 2021.

As part of the Wizkit project, Stealth team members published several new works. Nicholas Franzese (NWU), Jonathan Katz (UMD), Steve Lu (Stealth), Rafail Ostrovsky (UCLA), Xiao Wang (NWU), Chenkai Weng (NWU) presented “Constant-Overhead Zero-Knowledge for RAM Programs“; Zhiyong Fang (Texas A&M), David Darais (Galois), Joseph P. Near (UVM), Yupeng Zhang (Texas A&M) presented “Zero Knowledge Static Program Analysis“, Tianyi Liu (Texas A&M and SKL), Xiang Xie (SKL), Yupeng Zhang (Texas A&M) presented “zkCNN: Zero Knowledge Proofs for Convolutional Neural Network Predictions and Accuracy“; Yupeng Zhang (Texas A&M) and collaborators presented “ZKCPlus: Optimized Fair-exchange Protocol Supporting Practical and Flexible Data Exchange” as well as “Doubly Efficient Interactive Proofs for General Arithmetic Circuits with Linear Prover Time“.