Stealth Publications

As most members of the Stealth team have a doctorate in Computer Science or a related field, as well as work experience in researching and developing solutions related to cryptography and cybersecurity, we have an extensive collection of publications in peer-reviewed conferences and journals.  While our company’s passion is in developing privacy-enhancing technologies and solutions for real-world problems, we draw upon our deep understanding of cryptography theory to help inspire the design, efficient implementation, and rigorous security features that distinguish our software tools.

We list below publications by Stealth team members that are relevant to the work we do and the software solutions that we develop.  Papers that are a result of direct work on one of our funded projects are tagged with the program name in brackets.




Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments via Linear Interactive Proofs
PSI from Ring-OLE
[WIZKIT] On Black-Box Constructions of Time and Space Efficient Sublinear Arguments from Symmetric-Key Primitives
[WIZKIT] The Hardness of LPN over Any Integer Ring and Field for PCG Applications
[WIZKIT] Improving Line-Point Zero Knowledge: Two Multiplications for the Price of One
Universally Composable Almost-Everywhere Secure Computation
[WIZKIT] Authenticated Garbling from Simple Correlations
A Linear-Time 2-Party Secure Merge Protocol
[WIZKIT] ZK-PCPs from Leakage-Resilient Secret Sharing
[WIZKIT] Orion: Zero Knowledge Proof with Linear Prover Time
[WIZKIT] Zero Knowledge for Everything and Everyone: Fast ZK Processor with Cached RAM for ANSI C Programs
[WIZKIT] Triply Adaptive UC NIZK
[WIZKIT] Light Commands: Laser-Based Audio Injection Attacks on Voice-Controllable Systems
FairMM: A Fast and Frontrunning-Resistant Crypto Market-Maker
[WIZKIT] AntMan: Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Sublinear Communication
[WIZKIT] Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs to Multiple Verifiers
[WIZKIT] EpiGRAM: Practical Garbled RAM*
(*Won Best Paper award at EUROCRYPT ’22)
[WIZKIT] Garbled Circuits with Sublinear Evaluator
Round-Optimal and Communication-Efficient Multiparty Computation
Adaptively Secure Computation for RAM Programs
CNF-FSS and Its Applications
3-Party Distributed ORAM from Oblivious Set Membership
Prio+: Privacy Preserving Aggregate Statistics via Boolean Shares
Streaming and Unbalanced PSI from Function Secret Sharing
A Linear-Time 2-Party Secure Merge Protocol
[ANISE] Secure Merge in Linear Time and O(log log N) Rounds
[CARMA] Anonymous Permutation Routing
Spook.js: Attacking Chrome Strict Site Isolation via Speculative Execution
[WIZKIT] EZEE: Epoch Parallel Zero Knowledge for ANSI C
[WIZKIT] Proving UNSAT in Zero Knowledge
[WIZKIT] Lend Me Your Ear: Passive Remote Physical Side Channels on PCs
[WIZKIT] Polynomial Commitment with a One-to-Many Prover and Applications
[WIZKIT] Your Reputation’s Safe with Me: Framing-Free Distributed Zero-Knowledge Proofs
[WIZKIT] Half-Tree: Halving the Cost of Tree Expansion in COT and DPF
[WIZKIT] Solo: A Lightweight Static Analysis for Differential Privacy


[PULSAR] Lower and Upper Bounds on the Randomness Complexity of Private Computations of AND
How to Build a Trapdoor Function from an Encryption Scheme
[WIZKIT] Constant-Overhead Zero-Knowledge for RAM Programs
ACCO: Algebraic Computation with Comparison
[WIZKIT] Line-Point Zero Knowledge and Its Applications
Secure Merge with O(n log log n) Secure Operations
ATLAS: Efficient and Scalable MPC in the Honest Majority Setting
Threshold Garbled Circuits and Ad Hoc Secure Computation
Alibi: A Flaw in Cuckoo-Hashing Based Hierarchical ORAM Schemes and a Solution
Oblivious Transfer from Trapdoor Permutations in Minimal Rounds
[WIZKIT] PrORAM – Fast P(logn) Authenticated Shares ZK ORAM
[WIZKIT] Zero Knowledge Proofs for Decision Tree Predictions and Accuracy
[WIZKIT] Zero Knowledge Static Program Analysis
[WIZKIT] Nonce@Once: A Single-Trace EM Side Channel Attack on Several Constant-Time Elliptic Curve Implementations in Mobile Platforms
[WIZKIT] Prime+Probe 1, JavaScript 0: Overcoming Browser-based Side-Channel Defenses
[WIZKIT] CacheOut: Leaking Data on Intel CPUs via Cache Evictions
[WIZKIT] ZKCPlus: Optimized Fair-exchange Protocol Supporting Practical and Flexible Data Exchange
[WIZKIT] Wolverine: Fast, Scalable, and Communication-Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Boolean and Arithmetic Circuits
[WIZKIT] QuickSilver: Efficient and Affordable Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Circuits and Polynomials over Any Field
[WIZKIT] Mystique: Efficient Conversions for Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Applications to Machine Learning
[WIZKIT] Doubly Efficient Interactive Proofs for General Arithmetic Circuits with Linear Prover Time
[WIZKIT] Garbling, Stacked and Staggered – Faster k-out-of-n Garbled Function Evaluation
[WIZKIT] zkCNN: Zero Knowledge Proofs for Convolutional Neural Network Predictions and Accuracy
[WIZKIT] Efficient Generic Arithmetic for KKW – Practical Linear MPC-in-the-Head NIZK on Commodity Hardware Without Trusted Setup
[WIZKIT] Practical Garbled RAM: GRAM with O(log2 n) Overhead


[PANTHEON] Improved Discrete Gaussian and Subgaussian Analysis for Lattice Cryptography
Oblivious Sampling with Applications to Two-Party k-Means Clustering
[PULSAR] Batch Verification for Statistical Zero Knowledge Proofs
Efficient Error-Correcting Codes for Sliding Windows
[PANTHEON] Better Concrete Security for Half-Gates Garbling (in the Multi-instance Setting)
On Succinct Arguments and Witness Encryption from Groups
[PULSAR] Master-Key KDM-Secure IBE from Pairings
[PANTHEON] Stacked Garbling – Garbled Circuit Proportional to Longest Execution Path
[PULSAR] Nearly Optimal Robust Secret Sharing against Rushing Adversaries
[PANTHEON] Stacked Garbling for Disjunctive Zero-Knowledge Proofs
[PULSAR,PANTHEON]  Resource-Restricted Cryptography: Revisiting MPC Bounds in the Proof-of-Work Era
Proof-of-Reputation Blockchain with Nakamoto Fallback
[PULSAR] Two-Round Oblivious Transfer from CDH or LPN
[PANTHEON] How Private Are Commonly-Used Voting Rules?
[PANTHEON] Communication-Efficient (Proactive) Secure Computation for Dynamic General Adversary Structures and Dynamic Groups
[PULSAR] Efficient 3-Party Distributed ORAM
[PANTHEON] Guaranteed Output Delivery Comes Free in Honest Majority MPC
[PULSAR] On the Round Complexity of OT Extension
[WIZKIT] Ligero++: A New Optimized Sublinear IOP
[PANTHEON] Broadcast-Optimal Two-Round MPC
[WIZKIT] Ferret: Fast Extension for Correlated OT with Small Communication
[PULSAR,PANTHEON] Oblivious Tight Compaction In O(n) Time with Smaller Constant
[PULSAR] Efficient Range-Trapdoor Functions and Applications: Rate-1 OT and More
[PULSAR,PANTHEON] Round Optimal Secure Multiparty Computation from Minimal Assumptions
[PANTHEON] Malicious Security Comes Free in Honest-Majority MPC
Separating Two-Round Secure Computation From Oblivious Transfer
[PANTHEON] A Language for Probabilistically Oblivious Computation
[PULSAR] Function Secret Sharing for PSI-CA: With Applications to Private Contact Tracing
[PANTHEON] Types and Abstract Interpretation for Authorization Hook Advice
[PULSAR] Cryptography from Information Loss
[PANTHEON] DuetSGX: Differential Privacy with Secure Hardware
[PULSAR] Efficient Leakage Resilient Secret Sharing
[PANTHEON] Abstracting Faceted Execution
[PULSAR] Transitioning from testbeds to ships: an experience study in deploying the TIPPERS Internet of Things platform to the US Navy