Dr. Steve Lu
Chief Executive Officer

Steve Lu is dedicated to ensuring the security of organizations’ confidential and private information by delivering innovative technology in the areas of Multiparty Computation, Encryption, Zero Knowledge, Distributed Consensus, and Authentication. An accomplished executive, Dr. Lu is the CEO of Stealth Software Technologies, leading a world-class team delivering solutions that allows organizations to analyze and share encrypted data for business insights without revealing private and confidential information to anyone. He has also successfully secured funding for various security and cryptography projects from U.S. federal agencies including DARPA. In addition to his leadership, Steve is the recipient of several awards for his research papers in the area of cryptography and has works published in leading conferences and journals including the Journal of Cryptology. He earned his PhD in Mathematics, specializing in Cryptography, from UCLA in 2009, and his MS in Computer Science, specializing in AI, from Stanford in 2002.